Home Staging

I am a certified home stager with architectural qualifications and experience in the real estate sector. I am a civil engineer and an interior designer.

I help home owners optimize their properties for sale and help to create a positive first impression by showing the house or apartment in its best light to the whole range of potential buyers. Home staging is different from traditional interior designing as it is much cheaper, quicker and targeted at selling or renting the property.

In a professionally designed interior each room has its clearly defined function. By using natural colors and proper lighting and decorations I help maximise the best points of a property to look attractive enough to buy by as many buyers as possible.

I provide consultation (300 zl) or a full interior design service for house or apartment sellers.

Complementary to home staging we prepare a professional presentation of our clients’ offer.

Home staging offer applies also for apartments or houses for rental.

We offer a virtual presentation of the interior for the owners of unfinished apartments or houses.

For developers there is an offer of interior design arrangement in a show apartment or a house or the possibility of a virtual presentation of the interior.

For real estate agents we offer one-time or permanent cooperation in preparing apartments for sale or rental.

For those wishing to redecorate their house or apartment without any major rebuilding or changes we can offer any type of consultation, arrangement works or cleaning up services.

We are happy to answer your questions. We welcome your cooperation.
Ewa Konecka

home staging certificate
Ann Maurice house doctor

Professionally prepared houses and departments are being sold on avarage three times faster than others.

The chance of the additional benefit of the refreshing effect is lost, while going without the property preparation.